Focus on your customers

HyperTV’s cloud-based app development platform puts you back in control of your mobile strategy and enables you to be truly customer-centric.

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HyperTV’s drag and drop interfaces and intuitive dashboards, let you quickly build engaging, gamified and contextually-responsive mobile apps without any technical skills. We make it easy for you to build your customer journey, map touch points, determine viewer preferences, and optimize your content and app experience based on what works.

So let your creative juices run wild and give your customers a truly evolving, adaptive and engaging mobile experience that keeps them coming back for more!

You are a

Brand Publisher

Entertain your audience.

Reach your viewers wherever they are with apps that change based on the viewer’s profile, location and preferences. Add gamified elements and keep viewer’s entertained and engaging with the content they love.

Be lean. Be agile.

Quickly bring apps to market with minimal cost. Then iterate around what works best. Say goodbye to months of development costs and delays and spend 80% of your budget on initiatives after launch (and not just getting to launch!)

Capture new revenues.

Innovate your advertising format - with fast and inexpensive development, make the entire app a brand message! Include paid only features and content. Or take a first step in monetizing your audience with advanced ad formats like app installs.

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