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HyperTV Connected Stories™ transforms your video content into interactive stories.

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Brands and Content Agencies are using us to increase customer engagement and build loyalty - everywhere.

It’s all about Connected Stories™.

Stories connect and engage audiences around your brand.

For the modern publisher, brand and marketer, HyperTV helps you extend engagement with our unique suite of adaptive technologies that mobilizes your digital content into dynamic stories across all platforms and in all media.

Connected Stories™ is driven by the seamless integration of game mechanics, social media, and advanced machine learning technologies.

Our unique suite of adaptive technologies are responsive to your viewers and build loyalty over time. Longer engagement means more opportunities for conversions.

No tech skills required.

HyperTV’s intuitive drag and drop interfaces, dashboards and analytics make it fast and easy for you to build your customer journey wherever they are engaged. Map touch points, determine viewer preferences, and optimize your content and app experience based on what works – in real time.

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