Who we are

HyperTV is a content marketing cloud that transforms your digital content into dynamic Connected Stories™ that increase customer engagement and build loyalty - everywhere.

We are masters at transforming traditional digital content into integrated dynamic stories that help companies and brands engage to convert while building customer loyalty across all screens. HyperTV’s unique suite of adaptive technologies deliver a responsive and automated system that optimizes the customer experience without any technical skills.

Our vision is to help our clients personalize the interactions with their audiences while optimizing customer journeys for greater engagement on all platforms. We have had incomparable success in increasing the ROI and engagement for brands at minimal cost.

HyperTV works with clients from around the world. We relocated our headquarters to New York City in 2012.

Connected Stories™ everywhere

Today’s consumers are highly adept at navigating through a digital media landscape where fragmentation and noise are the norm. They seek seamless interactive experiences across multiple platforms that provide the right information at the right time. They are in control of their customer journey yet the actual user experience remains inconsistently complex across all screens and digital media. How does the modern brand, marketer or publisher find innovative and effective ways to connect seamlessly to optimize and sustain engagement wherever their customers are?

By leveraging Connected Stories™, HyperTV extends user engagement with our unique mix of analytics, adaptive widgets, machine learning and game mechanics that mobilizes your traditional digital content into dynamic integrated stories across all platforms and in all media. We help connect your audience everywhere on the customer journey while building loyalty over time.

Innovating the customer journey for you + consumer

HyperTV innovates the customer journey by personalizing interactions using advanced machine learning technology that automatically adapts to customer profiles, location and preferences. We add game mechanics to entertain audiences by creating highly engaging experiences that direct users to the desire path on the journey. Adaptive widgets powered by responsive analytics leverage behavior and context to designate new points of influence. Because we automate and iterate on what works best based on user preferences, customer experiences are optimized and new opportunities of engagement are realized for both the brand and the consumer.

HyperTV’s integrative platform of personalized storytelling tools, marketing automation and adaptive technologies goes where your customer is already engaged and accelerates their decision journey with each strategic user interaction. Connected Stories™ help you increase audience engagement and personalize user experiences that empower you to own the customer journey.

The HyperTV Team

Claudio Vaccarella CEO
Christian Marchesi COO
Luciano Salemme CTO
Roberta Sorci VP Sales Italia
Livia Pinzari VP Global Business Development
Fabrizio Corsi System Administration
Giorgio Morini Software Developer
Sara De Angelis Front End Developer
Daniela Di Gianni Administration