Connected Stories™

HyperTV, Connected Stories™ helps you extend engagement with our unique suite of adaptive technologies that mobilizes your traditional digital content into dynamic integrated stories across all platforms and in all media. We help connect your audience everywhere on the customer journey.

We go where they play 

With HyperTV, you can now publish your Connected Stories™ on all of the major social media networks at the same time. Facebook or Instagram, web or mobile; you can now reach all of your networks with a single story.

Pro-active personalization

HyperTV’s advanced machine learning technology automatically delivers a dynamic story based on customer profiles, location, preferences and response. The decision journey is accelerated and the path to customer loyalty becomes shorter.

Making the most of micro-moments.

HyperTV can detect where a customer is in his journey physically (entering a hotel) or virtually (reading product reviews), then uses that knowledge to draw him into your branded story.

Real-time optimization

When you use the HyperTV platform, you can change the story at any time to test new ideas or create stronger touch points. Thanks to real-time analytics, you’ll instantly see the results of the change, dramatically increasing your campaign’s ROI.

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  • Storytelling and customer centricity

    Storytelling is one of the oldest, yet most effective engagement strategies. Our platform provides a full implementation of gamification mechanics to build stories around users. Users become active participants rather than passive consumers. Winning a coupon as a consequence of app interactions (i.e. writing a product review) changes the perceived value of the prize. HyperTV uses advanced machine learning technologies to automatically adapt mobile user experiences to users’ profiles and contexts. The system effortlessly selects the sequence of content to generate the most relevant story.

  • Gamification

    When users compete against users, participate in fun social games, and gain recognition within communities apps become more fun, interactive, and relevant. Users are more likely to return and become loyal to your brand. The best part is, you don't need to be a game developer to create great games. Our platform's library includes over 50 game mechanics, making it easy for creatives to publish compelling games without writing any code.

  • Lean methodology

    Our publishing platform cuts development time and cost by more than 80%. We adopt a lean business development, i.e. a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation and iterative product releases. This way, we reduce market risks and costs, and avoid he need for large amounts of initial project funding and expensive product launches and failures

  • Analytics system

    HyperTV’s analytics system allows clients to control the statistics concerning the behavior of users on the app, whether in real-time or on a historical basis. All of HyperTV’s adaptive widget are integrated to the Analytics system and allow the collecting of data concerning the users’ behavior. Each adaptive widget traces its own specific iterations. Each iteration traced by Analytics system is exported to Google Analytics. Thanks to it, the client can differentiate his product and operate towards the “customer satisfaction.” Through the acquired information and the registered behavior, the client to maintain and foster his users.


The changing landscape of digital customers

For the first time ever, in Q3 2014, time spent on mobile devices was higher than time spent watching television in the US. The average American consumer spent 2 hours and 57 minutes a day on a mobile device, while time spent watching television accounted for 2 hours and 48 minutes daily. The mobile device has become the accessory which consumers will not leave home without, and thus a critical marketing tool.

Game changing opportunity

Mastering the mobile technology and understanding the largely unexplored mobile customer’s behavior is a game changing opportunity Thankfully, mobile devices are much more personal than the desktop web. Smartphones provide valuable raw data on time, place, biometrics and even the current activity of any given user. Winning the trust of mobile customers and gain access to their real-time means a competitive advantage on competition.

HyperTV’s app design cloud

Modern Marketers are using HyperTV to personalize every digital customer experience to increase engagement, loyalty and revenue. HyperTV is a unique combination of Storytelling tools, Marketing Automation, Gamification Mechanics and Analytics. An interactive Rule Engine can be used to design customer centric app experience.