Interactive Video Campaign

In February 2019, Ricola launched an interactive video campaign to promote its new online online store and a wide range of new flavors.

  • Ricola chose Connected Stories’ partner Smartclip to create an interactive video campaign for its well-known herbal cough drops and candies and to increase web traffic to its new e-commerce store.
  • For this campaign, Ricola produced a 15-second video delivered through Smartclip’s network as a preroll with the objective of increasing engagement and conversion.
  • The interactive widget selected to help Ricola achieve its KPIs was the interactive gallery. Through that particular widget, the brand was able to showcase a variety of different products. Users could swipe through the gallery both on mobile and desktop. The gallery was supported by a CTA. By clicking on each single Ricola’s candy pack, users were redirect to the online store to finalize the purchase.


  • Click-through Rate: Ricola’s campaign reached an average CTR of 1% across both mobile and desktop, a great result for the CPG industry. Of the 5 different flavors (Eucalyptol, Balsamic Herbs, Lemon, OrangeMint, Elder flowers) available, the CTR distribution was the following:
    - Eucalyptol: 13%
    - Balsamic Herbs: 24%
    - Lemon: 32%
    - OrangeMint: 20%
    - Elder flowers: 11%
  • Engagement Rate: The interactive gallery in this campaign gained users attention. A great number of users interacted with the gallery by swiping through the different products. As a consequence, the engagement rate was 65%.




  • Patented technology to create video content consisting of multiple layers
  • Combination of layers made at distribution stage in real-time
  • Orchestrated by rules inferred by machine learning process
  • Video Player agnostic, works with the most popular solutions on the market


Tommaso Vaccarella

Customer Success Director

Veronica Mauri

Junior Customer Success

Emanuele Nicol

Junior Graphic Designer

About Ricola

Ricola Ltd./Ricola AG is a Swiss manufacturer of cough drops and breath mints. All their products include natural herbal ingredients exclusively cultivated on Swiss soil without any use of pesticides, insecticides or herbicides.

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