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Connected-Stories is the first advertising technology platform dedicated to the personalization of the target audience content experience and cross-device storytelling. Our technology enables brands to build and manage dynamic stories to reach the user on all digital channels (i.e. display, native, social, owned digital properties), analyze the attribution, and identify the most effective content-path to conversion for each individual member of their target audience. We place a strong focus on user-content behavior and our solution enables the combination of video (standard or 360), images, animation, texts, and gamification into non-linear interactive stories.

With over 5 years of experience in audience digital engagement, HyperTV was behind the first second-screen experiences for TV programs like Big Brother, X Factor, FIFA, Champions Leagues introducing technologies like watermarking and fingerprinting. We have also worked with clients such as ESPN, Fox, TED, Sky TV, Rai, and Al Jazeera.

In 2015, HyperTV launched Connected-Stories, an advertising and marketing content cloud which was selected amongst the most innovative solutions at ad:tech New York.

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How does a brand, marketer or publisher find innovative and effective ways to connect seamlessly with their customers to optimize and sustain engagement no matter their location or device?

This is a problem that we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about.

Modern consumers are highly adept at navigating through a digital media landscape. Fragmentation and noise are the norm, but they continue to seek seamless interactive experiences across multiple platforms that provide the right information at the right moment. They are in control of their customer journey, yet the actual user experience that many advertising tools provide remains inconsistently complex across all screens and digital media.

With Connected-Stories, your advertising narrative finds the perfect balance between data-based precision and relevant, engaging, and entertaining storytelling. We offer users an integrated environment to create, distribute, measure, optimize, and personalize cross-media advertising content sequences. Our technology unifies the fragmented media landscape and provides the necessary tools to model a flexible codeless framework for your customer journey and implement agile storytelling optimizations without re-trafficking for an unparalleled advertising experience.

The HyperTV Team

Aldo Agostinelli
Advanced TV Advisor
Attilio Urbani
Full Stack Developer
Chiara Menghi
Account Director
Claudio Vaccarella
Daniela Di Gianni
Emanuele Nicol
Graphic Designer
Fabrizio Corsi
System Administration
Giorgio Morini
Software Developer
Kate Herbert
Luciano Salemme
Mainardo de Nardis
Razieh Akbari
Software Developer
Sara De Angelis
Front End Developer
Ted Bissell
Strategic Advisor
Thilo Semmelbauer
Tommaso Vaccarella
General Manager
Veronica Mauri
Junior Customer Success


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20125 Milano
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6 St. Johns Lane
New York, NY, 10013
United States
+1 (646) 894-0206


Viale Giuseppe Mazzini 112
00195 Rome
+39 06 3322 5494

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