Connected-Stories + Eagle Pictures

1 March 2018 admin Leave a comment Case Study


Eagle Pictures, a leading Italian production and distribution company, approached Connected-Stories to find a way to optimize their existing online ad campaigns and increase their return on ad spending.

Since the introduction of online streaming platforms and on-demand services, theatrical releases have struggled to deliver high performance. To that must be added the short windows distribution companies have to promote their films. With campaigns lasting on average 10-15 days, getting the consumer, already overwhelmed with choices, from awareness to conversion becomes incredibly challenging.

For its digital advertising program, Eagle Pictures required a sophisticated technology partner that enabled it to meet the following objectives:

• Generate interests around new releases creating unique storytelling experiences.

• Increase user engagement with interactive content in order to accumulate datapoints and incentivize word of mouth.

• Assume control over the entire campaign to make informed and accurate decisions on media planning and targeting.


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