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Eagle Pictures achieves increased ROAS with hyper personalization using the Connected-Stories platform


Eagle Pictures, a leading Italian production and distribution company, approached Connected-Stories to find a way to optimize their existing online ad campaigns and increase their return on ad spending.

Since the introduction of online streaming platforms and on-demand services, theatrical releases have struggled to deliver high performance. To that must be added the short windows distribution companies have to promote their films. With campaigns lasting on average 10-15 days, getting the consumer, already overwhelmed with choices, from awareness to conversion becomes incredibly challenging.

For its digital advertising program, Eagle Pictures required a sophisticated technology partner that enabled it to meet the following objectives:

Generate interests around new releases creating unique storytelling experiences.

Increase user engagement with interactive content in order to accumulate datapoints and incentivize word of mouth.

Assume control over the entire campaign to make informed and accurate decisions on media planning and targeting.

The Journey Designer allowed Eagle Pictures to create a consumer journey centric strategy and deliver the right message for the right user and the right time.


To meet its sophisticated digital advertising objectives, Eagle Pictures chose Connected-Stories.

In order to adopt a consumer journey approach to deliver meaningful messages to consumers, Eagle Pictures leveraged the platform’s Journey Designer. Through the Journey Designer, Eagle’s marketers were able to breakdown the consumer journey into 4 distinctive phases and utilize short-term data to deliver messages matching consumers’ state of mind. This allowed to the deliver the right message at the right time for the right user.

Utilizing the platform’s interactive widgets, Eagle’s creatives built highly engaging advertising units. By combining rich media elements such as movie trailers with quizzes, polls, and personalized call to actions, they were able to transform passive users into an active audience. Therefore elevating the storytelling above the well-known saturated trailers.

Connected-Stories solved also another problem for Eagle’s marketers: gain total control over the entire campaign. Differently from before, Eagle was now able to manage every single campaign from the setup phase until the completion through one single hub. This made easier for them to understand performance of every format across the media channels and visualize data through a comprehensive analytics dashboard. Integration with the most popular adtech ecosystem allowed the chance of performing real-time optimization thanks to the data accumulated without the need of re-trafficking the units.


Tommaso Vaccarella

Customer Success Director

Antonio Capone

Customer Success Associate

Stefano Riccio

Customer Success Associate


Using Connected-Stories marketers at Eagle Pictures were able to meet the following objectives:

Higher Engagement: Connected-Stories enabled Eagle Pictures to design custom-tailored messages for each user according to their stage in the consumer journey. This produced a user engagement rate of 41% and a completed view rate of 50%.

Higher Conversions: Eagle Pictures’ campaigns reached an average clickthrough of 0.72%, 3x times higher than standard rich-media campaigns. Connected-Stories data helped showing the efficiency of a consumer journey minded process through a steep increase in conversions for users at the latest stages of the journey.

Word of Mouth: Through Connected-Stories advocacy elements, a tenth of the users shared content related to Eagle’s movies with their friends helping increasing word of mouth.

Conversion rate at each stage of the consumer journey

About Eagle Pictures

Eagle Pictures is one of the leading players in the entertainment industry in Italy.
It is an integrated company present in every segment of the chain of exploitation of the film product, from the acquisition of rights to distribution through the 4 channels: cinema, home video and television (Pay TV, Free TV).

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