Increase The Value of Your Inventory and Get Rid of Bad Ads

Sell More Than Just Impressions.

Make the most of your properties, monetizing your full inventory, while offering qualitative interaction and personalization at scale.

Brands are looking to engage audiences through relevant messages without coming across as repetitive. Through Connected-Stories, you offer brands the chance to build full-funnel campaigns that connect all your properties and increase the value of each impression.

Our formats are non-intrusive and do not require custom integrations to be setup. By combining videos, interactive overlays, and custom widgets we can maximize engagement and turn real-time user behavior into personalized stories.

Personalization At Scale Across All Devices.

Connected-Stories delivers the right content at the right time by recognizing the user's journey across your properties and understanding the user's intent.


Allow brands to stay relevant to their target audience.


Give an active role to the reader in the discovery of your clients.


Capture your users' behavior and maximize profitability.

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